Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What Goes Around Comes Around: A Grandmaster Morality Tale

Well, no point about worrying about copyright! It's mine this time.

Two months back, I published by first article, anywhere, in this case, at probably the single most respected publisher of chess content on the web, ChessCafe.com.

Here is the link to, "What Goes Around Comes Around: A Grandmaster Morality Tale".   The fully story is provided there, but starts as follows.

It stems from events which transpired at the 42nd World Team Amateur, the single largest team tournament in the world. Its a story about good doing, and ends well. Thank you to GM Robert Hess for his openness, talking with me, and also to FM Benjamin Kruse who gave a lot of input. It starts:

"I was witness to a striking incident at the 42nd World Amateur Team Championship (WATC) tournament involving one of the top grandmasters in the U.S. It was an act that demonstrated the highest level of sportsmanship. This story is hopefully taken as a morality tale involving chess, rather than primarily a chess tale with a moral side note.

"The WATC, held in late February, is the largest single annual tournament in the United States. The format consists of four separate team tournaments all occurring over the same weekend, divided geographically by East, West, North, and South. The four winning teams then enter a playoff to determine the overall nationwide team champion".


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