Saturday, July 07, 2012


One thing is for damn sure, if you are going around reading blogs on chess improvement, you probably are not really ready to get better at chess.  And one step further, if you are, as I do, writing chess blogs on chess improvement, guaranteed you are totally distracted from real work at getting better at chess.  Its that simple.

The zen master, screaming, blood curdling scream at the student, grabbing him by the neck, lifting him off the ground, almost hysterical:

"WHO are you?'

If a chess blog has any value in the improvement area, within this activity has to be a clue.

My blog, as any good reader can see, is changing.  And fast.


Blogger James Stripes said...

You might be correct, at least in the spiritual sense. But, as a counterpoint, I offer my own 250+ rise in USCF rating and my 400 blog posts during the same time period (roughly 4 1/2 years). I'm serious about improving my chess, and I've been doing so. I'm equally serious about blogging my process. I'm on the cusp of USCF Expert, and I aim to make master within the next eight years.

Thu Jul 12, 04:07:00 PM PDT  

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