Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Full English Breakfast et al.

A wonderful show I have been listening to since near inception.  Just one more thing to share about, a long list.  Oh, how time flees.

This is called Full English Breakfast, witty just delightful discussion about current top level chess.  Fantastic.  And if you already knew of the show, then to draw attention to a latter segment.

I mean, my god, just listen to Peter Leko.  His chess?  My favorite?  No.  But the man.  My type of guy.  Again, no, but I respect him.  But listen to his strength, the force of his mind.  This guy is a real guy, and his depth and solidity and overall grasp of things outside chess, at least to me, is evident.

This is the best show yet, show number 25, called 'Olympiadding It Up', Leko after 21:30.  This guy is a man.  His brain is like a bulldozer.  Damn.

* * *

I still aim to write about my own chess.  Time is what I need, and more than that, more energy.

I ran 4.5 hours last saturday.  The cost is very great.  I have to eat the two days before very carefully, then the morning before, to put the necessary sort of high grade energy into me.  If you are under age 18, skip this next part and go to the end.  I have to shit eight time between waking and departure, this is not joke.  Massive rice and beans, then oatmeal.  You don't just eat it, you need to chew it, like Buddhist Vipassana Meditation.  Which is really a lot of work.  This is not exaggeration.  Otherwise its a waste, just filler.  But don't laugh, first it is true, second how many 54 year old men can do this?  Not the eating part, but the running.

But you have not heard anything yet.  I ran hills.  A very steep hill, training to run Desolation Peak, off The Gorge here, a 4000' climb considered the gold standard of fitness, as far as alpine readiness, read crampons, ice axe, Mount Hoot, etc.

So I ran five times from 75' to 845' and back down again, and while this is over 0.9 miles, the first part goes up about 525' in 3/8ths of a mile.  I had no pain going up.  Its going down.  So steep in parts you slide on gravel.  So that's 4,300 feet or about 80% of a mile, five up, and four down is about 78% of a mile.  Water?  Yes, I drank about five litters of water, or about 1.2 gallons.  Then, to unwind, serious, I run and hour down, the long way, feeling the energy of trees, moss.  Almost 9000' movement vertically combining up than down.

I felt like running another hour at the end, and had little if any real fatigue, then went and had conveyor belt sushi, then a few beers.

I don't know why, I am so hungry after.  The funny thing is, I was not tired the next day, just a bit gingerly walking, like a man kicked in the nuts, but more or less OK.  I feel a lot worse two or three days latter, so the impact is over five days, to get ready, do it, recover.

* * *
I was a whistleblower against a $23B corporation last month, and after approaching my boss, then district HR, said you guys have the wrong person at the wrong time.  I said that.  They know me, and what I represent.

I told them, you have 24 hours to respond, since delay is the corporate way.  As a chess player, each move was expected, this is business maturity.  Read David Korn almost into The White House, etc., but as you recall, Homeland Security could not clear me at the highest level.  Ouch.

So when I call back, I dial my phone at 11:59:40 so as the call is processed, it rings at noon.  Yes, I know how to get attention.  As a brilliant therapist once said, 'The more definite you are with others, the more definite they will be with you'.  So I had a lot to run off.  I called the General Council, fearlessly.  That's all I can say, I reminded them I am protected under Sarbanes-Oxley.  Smiles. I disturbed them, but the issue got resolved.

Its nearly to totally impossible to win against a corporation, especially when you still work there.  There is one exception, and that is when you are totally and unequivocally right, and second, when you are helping all your peers.  I spent about five hours on the phone with them over weeks, and about seventy emails, or more.  I stood there.

So chess can be more than chess.  And Karate or Aikido can be more than striking and parrying, and upset can be the raw fruit of deep personal transformation.

Companies rule with documentation, a form of intimidation, well, from day one, I was documenting them, before I even formally signed, since I expect this stuff now, guys like me in recruiting are called the old grey hairs.  Don't fuck with me.

Am I weak?  Of course I am, that's why I talk like this, but I refuse not to try.

* * *
I am back at CT-Art 3.0, and aim to get back through the first 955 tries, levels one to five.

* * *
I got to 1700 blitz at, and proud.  I am now doing all the ground work to get to 1800 there, and same at USCF standard.  In no way to I equate them, just two goals, which to me, more or less correlate.  Not that they do, but to me, the skill I need above where I am now, is one standard deviation each.  Work.

* * *
After ten, twelve years in the deep desert of the soul, I am embarking on my next step.  Sustainability.  There is great need in wind, water, energy, solar, transport, global warming, tiny houses, filtration, coastal control (read Thames or Rotterdam cum New York or Seattle, but who can bother...............

* * *
I have so much to say, but have to take my marks when I can get them.

* * *
0.23 inches of rain in Portland the last three months, 0.21 of that in July, the record.  I got a tiny bit sunburn running last Saturday.  But now fall is here, with a vengeance.  Inches this weekend.  Talk was of maybe 5 to 8" in the mountains.  I lived in Seattle for exactly 20 years, this is not new.  I tell the newbies, at work, in from out of town--"It starts at the end of October, and goes till late February".  True.  It can rain every day for five weeks, but I love it.  It soothes my soul.

As a young architect, first out here, there was a record amount of rain.  One day, the sun came out, at around 3:35 pm.  It was visible for about five minutes, a patch of red through the clouds.  We all stood at the windows, marveled.  We saw the sun!  Once in a month!

How to run the gorge now troubles me, weeks of prep and build up, but the snow is not there yet, just mud now.  The reason I kept my old running shoes.

Love to you all, dk

* * *

Ok, without further ado, Peter Leko, minutes 21:30 to 25:45.  Grishuk, a testosterone guy also.  Listen to that Russian voice.

* * *
Grandmaster Seirawan promised to watch me at the 2012 US Open Blitz Championship, which we did, we still remain great friends.  Last night wrote him after a late night walk to groceries, and spill on him when I get back, and talk there, as I do here.  A class guy.  I cannot be calm and diplomatic as he is, but it is a lifetime accomplishment, after 12 year now, about 15,000 emails latter, to still be talking, about everything.

* * *
As someone once said, I am vain, a braggart, but I also never pretended to be normal.

* * *
Obama in the debate last week was weak, and like a lost little boy.  Romney, who I cannot vote for, impressed me, insip as he is, I can be open.

Last night, against Ryan, VP Biden was so rude, it was embarrassing, but then again, war is on, war for occupy, and neither are right.

Spend a bunch of money, no?  Cut all costs, no.  But both approach the problem from two ends, yet it can be agreed, that the issue is to connect the people to the resources, but they are listless.  Lack of policy comes from lack of leadership.  Lack of leadership comes from lack of self integration, read knowing what to do and how to do it.  We are fucked.  This is the Mayans, Easter Island, serious.

Get serious, but we are not.

I am serious.


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