Saturday, August 09, 2008

No takebacks

You know the saying: never mind 'no take backs' but tonight, at FICS, a rigorous if not very, very advanced and most severely underated opponent asked for a takeback in an already demonstrably lost position after an honest and long fight, and without further ado, took me all of twelve or fifteen seconds, went into BabaChess and entered him into 'no-play'. Somehow you are advanced but when you slip you wish to deny it? NO. What I am suppost to do, somehow give up my struggle and give YOU a chance to win when you are trying to kill me?? NO.

When I slip badly, more often that not, I just simply resign. This is not a chess problem but a real overall lack of integrity problem. At ICC and FICS I have not asked for single takeback in 4,000 games in 2.5 years. Why is this so hard for some?

I for mine am inordinately proud of my 35.5% win to total game ratio. When I can add another loss, and quickly, I know that I am getting the appropriate punishement and surely becoming a better chess player. If only I could enter the Noosphere and have an even more respetible ratio of 29.99% I would only be so happy, so glad!

As we used to say in Zen and/or Martial Arts: "Thank you for teaching me"