Sunday, June 26, 2011

Almost Beat 1971 Debut

Messed Up ChessBase 11 Embed graphic better than nothing.

Hit 'Full Screen' Button at R. Takes about five to ten seconds to load, that is to say this is not a blank chess board!

... sorry to have to be so finicky, but its the nature of the beast (German software is like saying Italian accounting, Korean passivity, Japanese men gone wild, California valley girls doing linear equations--'Its like, so Laplace, you know!', low carb southern food, desert rain-forest, horrible French Food, frumpy Italian hand bags, trailer park British Royalty, American Industrial Christian values, low fat foie-gras, holistic big allopathic medicine, Michael Jackson sound sleep, Madoffian socially responsible investing, Walt Disney Structural Functionalism, Alien Abduction Bush Secret Service, Smart Phone wood checkering, U.S. Army Gandhi banisters, NBA midget draft, non-alcoholic triple-malt Scotch). You get the idea:

Once you hit full screen mode, move the divider bar between the board to the game score, to expand the latter, so it is not all scrunched in.

The issue is assuredly NOT the over-sized embed, but how this looks as posts accumulate, in due time, so that this view might not conflict with text at side. Subject to review. dk

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Charles Galofre

Miami's chessmen (clockwise from left): Alberto Hernandez, Rodelay Medina, Charles Galofre, and Renier Gonzalez [1]

Dear Chess Friends, I have been on a long hiatus, now for sometime helping structure and organize a new start-up in Cloud Computing. On a good day, I am Executive Vice President, some days the janitor, and on bad days with a contracting voice. Some days helping guide deep and uncanny strategy, others not able to grasp how to win a small account. Its humbling. Endless practice. Never can we be prepared enough, to shape a major endeavor.

If I ever fail to review--then approve any comments, it is not benign neglect but rather a result of too many Google log-ins--my old Polgar Middlegame initiative email, my davidkorn.specialprojects at geee! male dot kom email, The West Orange Chess Club email (I now produce their blog--to help my most wonderful club back and running there), and most recently, my email associated with the start up. That makes four. I have browsers for each, but the one for here sees the least, albeit, I do always get to it, just not as often...

On that note, my dear friend FM Charles Galofre (USCF 2316 ELO) has reached out to me, to draw notice to his web-site, Chess Training School. Charles is the real deal.

It is unclear to me what the significance of the second site he is affiliated with is, but I duly note it here [2]. While he is filled with enthusiasm and its therefore hard to link to it as a main draw when it is woefully inoperative relative to his not insignificant chess imprimatur (no fault there, matter of 'the cobblers shoes'), I nevertheless can wholeheartedly recommend him without any qualifications as a chess teacher. He is far more than a chess master, but a bone-fide candidate International Chess Master.

Charles did not teach me, but mentored me, and so, so very well. It was he who in a big way helped shape the very fundamental major choices of my opening repertoire (Slav and Torre added to my inveterate Caro-Kann), helped me get into chessBase 9 very, very powerfully, and if that were not enough, got me off to a clear and firm start into Chess Tactics Server.

I don't now if or when Charles will make or be an IM. But I do know, that were it not for enormous responsibilities with his family, producing and editing chess videos, and chess teaching, that he would easily be one now. Life costs us all, and he no less than you or me...

He is at ICC, as TheSalesman, handle. He can teach you in the Miami-Dade area, over the phone, help you hold local chess tournaments, and teach you at ICC remotely. He loves chess. And its obvious. He is incredibly gifted [3] and he shares that god-light in his chess.

I truly don't know where my chess would be without him.

Blessings, dk

[1] Article in Miami New Times, called: 'Grandmasters in Guayaberas', where with his team-mates who beat no less than Harvard in the Final Four of Chess.

[2] Chess and Learning Blog, linked here.

[3] He has beaten many Grandmasters--many times--at ICC, including no less than OM, etc. Hardly a laughing matter beating a once world number eleven, US Chess Champion, etc :-).